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Rasheed Bashiruddin Sahib further says, “I also witnessed that Chini Sahib would take great care of his mother

At times his mother would scold him when she was displeased, but he would quickly express his love for her. He took care of her needs. He was so absorbed in doing so that he would not take notice of what was going on around him or who was watching. His love and affection for his mother was extraordinary.”

Similarly, one day I went to see him in the Central Bank building and spoke to him where he was staying

Majiaaat, Kyrgyzstan writes, “I met Osman Chou Sahib in 1994 on a plane journey. In the beginning I was unaware that he was a Muslim or that he was a scholar of the Ahmadiyya Community, but when the plane was about to take off, he recited Bismillah [In the name of Allah], and then I came to know that he was a Muslim. After a while I said Assalamo Alaikum [greeting of peace] to him and introduced myself. We began to discuss various topics, and then he asked me if I knew of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I answered in the negative and said that I was unfamiliar with them. He then asked me if I had read any Chinese translations of the Holy Quran to which I replied in the affirmative. He then asked of how many Chinese translations of the Holy Quran I was aware of. I said that however many translations there are I have read them all and continue to do so. Osman Chini Sahib then asked if I knew any of the Chinese translators of the Holy Quran. Then he said that one of those translators is named Osman Chou and he asked if I knew him. I answered that I knew him but had not yet read his translation of the Holy Quran, nor had I ever met him. He then said that he was Osman Chou. I could not believe that I was meeting Osman Chou Sahib. He gave me his contact details and his temporary address and I too exchanged my phone number.

I replied saying that I knew them all

“After a day or two, Chini Sahib rang me saying that he wished to come and meet me. I could never have imagined that such a prominent scholar wished to come and meet me at my home. I welcomed him to my home, and with him were two Pakistani friends. We spoke for ten minutes, after which Osman Chou Sahib invited me to a restaurant. I told him that since he was a guest, I ought to be the one to invite him. However, he replied saying that as I was a student and that he was my elder and like a parent to me, therefore he should look out for me. Thereafter we went to the restaurant and had food and discussed different matters. He asked me regarding the death of Jesus, Finality of Prophethood, Gog and Magog, Jinn, the Imam Mahdi, the Quran and the Ahadith. I gave him the same conventional answers that the general Muslims give and Osman Chou Sahib smiled and gave the true answers to these questions. I had no words with which to respond and his answers had a profound effect on me. He also gifted me the translation of the Holy Quran and some other books and admonished me to read them and to write to him about my feelings after reading them. Hence I read them and my way of thinking changed completely. At that time I did not know of the Bai’at so I took the oath of allegiance later on.” He also writes, “I always deem it an honour to have gained knowledge of the advent of the Imam Mahdi and his true Jamaat.”

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